Aubrey’s steward, a good grumpy however, dear reputation throughout the Patrick O’Brian Aubrey-Maturin number of Napoleonic naval activities

Aubrey’s steward, a good grumpy however, dear reputation throughout the Patrick O’Brian Aubrey-Maturin number of Napoleonic naval activities

It has been jocularly backronymed in order to ”Remain Flaking”, for the mention of the common feeling from Troops cracking potatoes; yet not, in the united states, current Military legislation prohibit non-dining functions team off food preparation

Jodie/Jody (U. S.) A man just who steals a good Soldier’s girlfriend/spouse when implemented, out in industry, or in education. Frequently regarded during the cadences made use of during the teaching that the cadences by themselves are particularly labeled as Jodies or Jody calls.

Ain't no use in goin' home, Jodie's got your girl alone.

Joe (You.S. Army) A good Soldier. Joe Navy (You.S. Navy) A very eager ”gung-ho” Sailor (see Lifer). Pejorative. Racy or juicy girl (U.S.) Term given to an effective prostitute otherwise pub girl. Originated from Korea. joey (Canada) Can be used to define an associate, otherwise a beneficial Soldier that is heavily reliant into anybody else. John Wayne (U.S.) Also known as good P-38. A tiny thumb held can-opener. (United states Armed forces) John Wayne may relate to a beneficial Soldier who would not keeps their helmet chinstrap buckled, hence ends up John Wayne inside the sixties conflict video clips. John Wayne University (U.S.) Armed forces Special Pushes college or university, Fort Bragg. JN (You.S. Navy) Japanese National. Usually a great Japanese shipyard personnel, but can be also placed on people Japanese citizen.

K [ modify ]

kebab (You.K. & Commonwealth) A keen aircraft’s spray system, section twist and heat up. keener (Canada) A sponsor or one who is new in order to an excellent product you to is sometimes extremely-interested in his/their unique task. Keys to flights three hundred (You.S. Navy): A form of snipe hunt. A different subscribe is sent into the Repairs Workplace otherwise In a position Room so that you can rating keys to start an aircraft on account of release. However, there are not any secrets to army combatant jets, the brand new fun is largely to help you humiliate a different register. The number given ’s the BUNO (agency amount), or coated flights designation of your own this new join’s squadron, it may be any number.

(USAF Defense Forces) Keys to the flights, a great JEEP laugh drawn to the gullible very first time Close-in Sentries. It involves possibly the bedroom Management otherwise among Security Effect Communities inquiring in the event your Close-in Sentry in the event the he acquired the latest keys to this new routes from the sentry which he alleviated of one’s post, the newest Trip Sargent and you may Commander might get inside. The latest sentry is normally threatened with an article-15 to have dereliction out of duty, and you can goes on all day up to the guy gets relieved throughout the was in which he could be titled towards Flight the reason or Commander’s work environment in which they are informed it absolutely was every bull crap.

K.I.A Killed In action Keys to the fresh new Submarine/Ship/Reactor (U.S. Navy) Snipe search – Another subscribe is sent all over the ship discover the brand new tips, therefore, the CO can get underway. Folks tells the fresh person they just gave the brand new keys to someone else, if at all possible at a distance otherwise difficult to get to. This really is just as the ”Secrets to aircraft” snipe appear, because there are no secrets to possess military boats larger than riverines and you can no keys having submarines. KFS (U.K., Canada) Blade, fork and you can scoop. killick (Canada, You.K.) A classic term to have a selfmade point, now always consider a person in this new score regarding Top Seaman. This is exactly inside reference to the review badge and that historically is an individual fouled anchor used into left arm. And, maybe not coincidentally, the name off Capt. KITDAFOS (You.K.) Kept in the latest black and you may provided towards shit kite (RAF) aeroplane kiyi (U.S.) An official page informing out-of one murdered in action (K.I.A). klicks Miles KMAGYOYO Hug my personal ass, guys: you are on the. (used ”outside” the city of brothers or perhaps in jest) Knife and you will Fork University (U.S. Navy) (pejorative) The institution you to You.S. Navy physicians, nurses, dental practitioners and you may hospital administrators visit in advance of finding their commissioning. So-named by belief that most they understand discover societal graces. Knee-strong Navy (You.S.) U.S. Coast-guard (pejorative), so-titled from the false impression brand new You.S. Coast-guard never ever sails on deep-water. bump they down (Singapore) Command to gain access to pushup reputation. ”All of you must take your own sweet big date. lot of you hit they down!” knuckle dragger (You.S. Navy Submarine Solution) An excellent Machinist’s Companion Auxiliary-man, responsible for non-propulsion expertise such as the sanitary program or hydraulic system. The expression is actually created from the stereotype you to Machinist Friends try notably less smart due to the fact other costs for example Radiomen otherwise Sonar Auto mechanics, so that they depend mainly on brute power to get their jobs done. (U.S. Sky Force) A staff head, also referred to as ”wrench-turner” or ”fat monkey”. KP (U.S., Canada) Abbreviation on the obsolete identity ”Cooking area Police”, a duty tasked (with other than just dining solution teams) to perform menial, however, necessary, home chores particularly dishwashing, offering and you can home clean, normally since the a punishment getting bad behavior.

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